Students are recognized at Stambaugh Charter Academy by Kiwianis B.U.G. Program.

Club Sponsor: Alan Harper, Principal Stambaugh Academy

     Principal Harper stated, “The students greatly appreciate the Kiwanis Club of Youngstown for their support of the Bring Up Grades (B.U.G.) Program.” Stambaugh Charter Academy located in city of Youngstown Kiwanis participates in the B.U.G. Program to encourage and motivate students for achieving academic goals.  As you know, students deserve and thrive on recognition for their accomplishments. The students at Stambaugh Charter Academy take benchmarks that compare their progress with students nationwide. The Kiwanians recognize student achievement at Stambaugh each winter by providing ribbons to individual students in grades K-8 who achieve their goals. An awards ceremony is held for each grade level. Ribbons are presented to each child who met or exceeded grade level proficiency. Students who achieved at exceeded one year’s expected academic growth in math, reading, language, usage, or science are also recognized with ribbons. The students look forward to the celebration each winter and with encouragement from the Kiwanis Club of Youngstown will continue to strive for excellence in the classroom.

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